3 Essential Surface RT Cables / Adapters


Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT tablet is not an iPad killer. But it does have its fans. The device is well-built and offers a familiar experience to those of you who are Windows fans. You are going to have to pick up a few cables to get more out of your tablet though. Here are 3 cables/adapters you should not miss:

Surface HD Digital AV Adapter: want to connect your tablet to HDMI compatible displays? This cable has you covered. You are probably going to have to pick up an extension cord too.

Surface 24W Power Supply: chargers your tablet fast. It is slim and easy to carry around.

Surface VGA Adapter: lets you share your photos, videos, and presentations on larger displays (VGA). It works with monitors and projectors.

The Surface tablet is not a cheap device. But if you intend to use it with larger displays or as a laptop, you are going to need the above accessories.

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