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5 Quality Apple Watch Docks

The Apple Watch is already one of the most popular smart wearable devices around. There are plenty of accessories available for it too! Here are 5 Apple Watch docks you can use to store and charge your watch more conveniently:

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Bobine Watch: a flexible Apple Watch dock that lets you store and charge your device at home or in your car.


Unify Dock: an aluminum dock that holds your watch and phone and lets you charge them in one place. The dock fits iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus with or without a case.


Native Union Dock: a cool accessory that holds your watch and lets you charge it conveniently. This magnetic dock can hold all Apple Watch models, sizes, and strap styles. DOCK’s aluminum arm rotates, so you can find the right angle for your watch.


Mophie Watch Dock: an aluminum dock that holds and charges your watch. It has a compact design and looks sleek.


NuDock: an Apple Watch stand and a LED lamp in one. It also holds your iPhone. You can charge your phone without having to remove its case. The device has 3 integrated USB charging ports.

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