5 Cool Stands for Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is one of the best 7 inch tablets around. It is quite powerful and available for a low price, in comparison to some other popular tablets on the market. You can use your Nexus 7 to play games, watch movies, and do other things. In order to use your device to watch or play without holding it, you are going to need one of these Nexus 7 stands:

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FlipStands stand: a portable stand compatible with the iPad, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. It has 20 adjustable angles and a dedicated typing position.


Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand: a portable stand that fits in any bag or pocket. It is compatible with the Kindle Fire, iPad, and other tablets too. Works great for air trips.


MiniSuit Google Nexus 7 Keyboard Stand Case: a case, keyboard, and stand for your tablet. The keyboard connects to your gadget using Bluetooth.


AmazonBasics Mini Travel Stand for Tablets: an affordable and portable stand for the Kindle Fire. It folds up and snaps shut when you don’t need it.


BoxWave Google Nexus 7 Case: this is a lightweight and semi-transparent solution for your Nexus 7. It protects your gadget against drops and scratches. It has cut-outs for camera, flash, headphones, power, ports, controls.

These Nexus 7 stands are not too expensive and hold your tablet as you watch movies or do other things on it. They may not be super fancy but get the job done.