5 Cool Desk Mounts for iPad


The iPad is a pretty awesome tablet. It keeps getting better every year. You could not only use it for gaming but also doing business. If you plan to use your tablet at your desk, getting a desk mount for it would not be a bad idea. These 5 iPad desk mounts let you use your device more conveniently every day:

Swing Arm iPad Mount: a cool tablet mount for your desk. It extends 31″ across any desktop. The holding bracket rotates 360 degrees.

LapWorks Armbot Bed and Desk Mount: attaches to night stands, coffee tables, desks, and everything in between. It is 37.4 inches long but has a modular design.

Gator G-ARM Mountable Arm: this mounts to any table top surface and is adjustable in 6 directions. It supports monitors too.

Agptek Desk Mount for iPad
: another stretchable and adjustable mount for the iPad. It is compatible with 5-10 tablet PCs. Could work at your bedside too.

CE Compass Adjustable Mount Holder: this not only holds your iPad but also keeps scratches away from your desk. As long as your desk is not thicker than 5.2cm, you should be set.

These mounts are not super cheap but they let you use your iPad at your desk in a hands-free fashion. They may work for non-iPad tablets too.

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