5 Gun Controllers for HTC Vive & VR

The HTC Vive is a wonderful platform for VR gaming. It comes with everything you need to get an immersive gaming experience. If you are a fan of shooting games, you should give these VR gun controllers a look:

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PP Gun: a Bluetooth gun for VR with vibration feedback. It is compatible with your smartphone and also tracker. The gun comes with 10 function keys.

HTC Vive Dual Controller Rifle: a 3D printed adjustable rifle for your HTC Vive.

MAG P90 Gatling VR Gun: combines with your Vive tracker to enhance your gaming experience. It is ideal for games like Serious Sam VR The Last Hope and GatlingVR.

RPG VR: an RPG weapon for your VR games. Works for RPG Training Camp, Rush to the Dawn I: Mission, and other compatible weapons.

Delta Six Gaming Controller: has a realistic look and feel. Comes with auto-zoom functionality for sniper shots. It has an aluminum Picatinny railing  system and powerful recoil.

Have you found better VR gun controllers? Please share them here.


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