5 Essential Accessories for Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T


The Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T is a pretty awesome Windows 8 tablet. It is not only slick but runs your legacy Windows programs too. It has a 11.6 inch screen with 64 GB SSD. If you are picking one of these tablets up, you should also think about investing in these accessories:

iKross Stainless Steel Capacitive Stylus
: if you don’t want to touch your tablet’s screen with your fingers, you are going to need one of these.

iKross Bluetooth Wireless Flexible Foldable Keyboard: Windows 8 is great for tablets and regular computers. In order to use your tablet for coding, writing, and other similar types of activities, this flexible keyboard has you covered. It is foldable and ready for travel.

Decalrus Matte Decal Skin Sticker: a scratch resistant skin for your device. It is easy to apply and does not leave any residue if removed.

EZOPower Ultra Compact Battery Charger: charges your smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Provides you with emergency power on the go.

Innovative 10 inch Pindar Travel Bag: whether you want to take your laptop or Windows tablet with you, this bag has you covered. It has place for your accessories too.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T is a pretty awesome tablet. Thanks to the above accessories, you can have even more fun with your tablet.

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