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3 SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman Accessories

The SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman is a pretty awesome solution for folks who want to capture their stunts and moves outdoors. It tracks you automatically, so you can focus on performing. If you are picking up a SOLOSHOT2, you should give these 3 SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman accessories a look:


SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman Base: it offers horizontal 360-degree tracking and vertical tracking. You get a USB port for firmware upgrades and accessories.

SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman Tag: you are going to need one of these if you want the SOLOSHOT2 robot to keep following you. It has a 4-hour internal rechargeable battery.

SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman: offers automatic zoom tracking. It will command compatible cameras to zoom in and out. Don’t forget to check the list to make sure your camera is compatible.

The SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman makes it easier for you to capture your activities outdoors. It’s not cheap but saves you a lot of time.

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