ActiveMat Groove for Standing Desks

Plenty of people now use standing desks at work to stay active and burn calories. With anti-fatigue mats, you can get an even more comfortable experience. The ActiveMat Groove is not your average work mat though….

3 Electric Adjustable Standing Desks

There are plenty of quality sit to stand and standing desks available on the market these days. Many of them can be height adjusted manually. These 3 electric standing desks make it even easier to change…

KT2 Adjustable Keyboard Tray for Standing Desks

Many of us have started using standing desks to work in a more active fashion. Many standing desks already come with space for your keyboard. The KT2 UnderDesk Keyboard Tray gives you more flexibility though. It…

3 Accessories for VARIDESK Pro Standing Desks

Everybody knows that sitting down for hours at work is not a great idea. Many people are using standing desks such as the VARIDESK desk to work in a more active fashion. If you have one…

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