3 USB Flash Drives for iOS Devices w/ Lightning

Your iOS device may be a powerful device, but it has a limited storage space. It doesn’t have a regular USB port for you to attach a flash drive either. The good news is you can…

ComboZip Bracelet / Charger for Smartphones

Charging your smartphones everywhere you go is not hard as long as you have your adapter or charging cable. Don’t you just hate it when you forget to take those with you? The ComboZip can help….

3 USB Flash Drives (OTG) for Android Devices

Your Android device most likely does not have a regular USB port. You need the right accessories to attach USB sticks to your Android tablet or smartphone. Here are 3 USB OTG flash drives you can…

5 Awesome USB Sticks For Your Computer

Most of us have owned and used USB sticks in the past. They are great for carrying files. Of course, you can do a whole lot more with them as long as you pick the right…

5 Car Lighter Chargers for Smartphones

Some of us spend a lot of time on the road. Your phones or tablets won’t last you for too long, so you will probably have to charge your devices in your car at some point….

3 Cool USB Mug Warmers

Getting a mug warmer in your office is a good idea if you don’t drink your coffee or tea right away and would like it to stay warm. USB mug warmers are especially useful as they…

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