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3 Cool illuminated Charger Cables for iPhone

What’s better than the regular cable you get from Apple to charge your iPhone with? One that illuminates in dark rooms. Think about it. How many times have you had to turn your light on just to connect your iPhone to a power outlet properly. Thanks to these 3 illuminated cables, you won’t have to struggle anymore:

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Dexim Visible Green Charger
: not only helps you save energy but also shows you visually how much longer you have to wait for your phone’s battery to be completely charged.

cool blue

Cool Blue 8 Pin Lightning USB Charging Cable: shows a visible flowing light as you charge your phone. It is compatible with the iPhone 5.


CordLite – illuminated Charger Cable: this exciting project was fully funded on Kickstarter a while ago. It makes charging your phone in the dark a whole lot easier.

You don’t necessarily need these chargers to power up your phone but they do look cool in dark rooms and make charging your device more convenient.

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