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3 3rd Person Camera Mounts for GoPro & DSLRs

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There are plenty of decent action cams and DSLR/mirrorless cameras on the market these days. You can use them to produce high quality video for YouTube and other platforms. Here are 3 third-person mounts that let you capture video from challenging angles:

Glide Gear SNC100 3rd Person DSLR Vest: supports cameras up to 3lbs. It has a aircraft 6160 aluminum rugged design with plenty of 1/4-20 male and female mounts.

SVS 3rd-Person-View Mount: combines with your GoPro and other action cams to let you record video from unique angles. It comes with a waist belt with a rotating tube mount. It can mount a camera on your back or on the side.

MEINUOKE 3rd Person View Backpack: works with GoPro action cameras and smartphones. It is great for biking, skating, and water sports.

Have you found better 3rd-person-view camera mounts? Please share them here.

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