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4 Pet Feeders You Should See

Bringing a pet or two home can be lots of fun. But you need to make sure your little friends are well-fed, even when you are not around. Here are 4 smart pet feeders you can rely on to take better care of your pets:


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Petzi: a WiFi pet camera and treat dispenser. It has a 30fps HD camera that offers 720p video. The treat launcher lets you give your pet a mini treat anytime.


Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Feeder: comes with 2 wireless tags and lets you keep your cat out of the dog’s food and vice versa. It lets you put your cat on a diet.


MeowSpace Feeding Station: a handy tool that lets you keep the dog away from your cat’s food or litter box. Only the cats you allow can gain access to the food.


Pura: this is a smart water fountain designed to keep your cat hydrated. With NOA Collar ID &  NOA 360 Cat Sensing technology, you can use multiple Pura units to take care of multiple cats.

Have you found better smart cat feeders? Please share them here.

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