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5 Essential Accessories for Misfit Shine

Smart wearables such as Misfit Shine are on the rise. These tiny devices can track your activities and sleep. If you happen to own a Shine, you can use these accessories to get more out of your experience:

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Misfit Bloom Necklace: a beautiful stainless steel necklace for your Shine. It is magnetic, so your Shine will clip in fast.


Misfit Leather Band: want to wear your Shine around your wrist? This leather band has you covered. It has a solid metal clap mechanism and one size fits all design.


I-YOUNG Babashishi Leather Wrist Strap: a low key wrist strap for your Shine. This calfskin leather strap is available in 2 colors.


Nuosi Deng Sports Clasp for Misfit Shine: makes it easy to hold your activity tracker when you are swimming, playing soccer, or are staying active outdoors.


Shoe Pouch for Fitbit, Misfit: this is a lightweight reflective shoe pocket you can use for Fitbit products, Misfit Shine, and other trackers.

Have you found better accessories for Misfit Shine? Please share them here.

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