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5 Essential Accessories for Nexus 7 2

The new Nexus 7 is more powerful and better than ever. Google and ASUS have done a great job improving this tablet over its predecessor. The device is not meant to be abused though. Here are 5 protective Nexus 7 2 cases and accessories you should not miss:

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premium cover

Premium Cover for Nexus 7: a folding cover with a slim and sturdy design. It can hold your tablet in ideal positions for typing and watching videos.


COD Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case: not only protects your tablet but also has a keyboard you can use to type on your tablet faster.

travel cover

Travel Cover for Nexus 7 2013: these come in various colors. They keep your tablet safe from minor accidents. The design is still slim though.


Nexus 7 Screen Protector: the official screen protector for the Nexus 7 2. It is 90% transparent. It keeps your Nexus 7’s display safe from scratches and fingerprint smudges.


Nexus 7 Sleeve: comes handy when you are traveling with your tablet. The sleeve is padded and can handle minor accidents.

Watch this space as we will cover more Nexus 7 2 accessories when they are released to the market.

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