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4 Accessories for SALT Self-Defense Gun

SALT is a pretty interesting self-defense tool that looks like a regular gun but lets you use pepper spray rounds to keep attackers at bay. It has a range of over 150 feet. The starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. These 4 Salt gun accessories are also useful to have:

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salt gun

7-Round Magazine for Salt: it lets you use 7 pepper spray rounds and reload in seconds.


SALT Pepper Spray Rounds: you get pepper spray filled rounds with a range of over 150 feet. They cause temporary blindness to keep attackers at bay.


SALT CO2 Cylinders: each cylinder can fire over 21 pepper spray rounds, providing you with enough shots to protect your home multiple times.


SALT Practice Rounds: as they say, practice makes perfect. These practice rounds contain household baby powder for practice in your backyard.

Have you found better accessories for the Salt self defense gun? Please share them here.

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