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3 Action Jib Stabilizers for iPhone / GoPro

There are plenty of awesome action and portable cameras available on the market these days. Many folks rely on their iPhone or GoPro to capture action outdoors. These 3 action jib stabilizers help you produce more stable footage with your camera:

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Glide Gear Portable Action Jib Stabilizer: a portable handheld jib that supports cameras up to 2 lbs. It comes with adapters for smartphones and GoPro.


Cam Caddie Scorpion EX: a camera handle, stabilizer that helps you hold and maneuver your camera more comfortably. It is compatible with the iPhones and GoPro cameras.


Action Jib Kit from Joby: a versatile solution that lets you capture shots from new perspectives. It is compatible with GoPro, Sony, and Contour cameras. Lets you use your phone as a remote display.

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