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4 Adobe Premiere Keyboards with Shortcuts for Video Editors

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing software suites around. Those of you who have mastered it know how useful knowing its shortcuts can be. Thanks to these 4 Adobe Premiere keyboards, you will have an easier time editing your videos:

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Editor Keys Adobe Premiere Keyboard: helps you learn and master all Premiere shortcuts. It works with both PC and Mac machines.

LogicKeyboard Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard: based on the original Apple keyboard, this one comes with keyboard shortcuts visualized to save you time editing your footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro Cover Skin: don’t want to replace your existing keyboard? With this, you can turn your MacBook’s keyboard into a Premiere keyboard.

Bella Pro Premiere Pro CC USB Keyboard with shuttle wheel: it comes with color and icon-coded keycaps. The shuttle wheel gives you easy control over your timeline.

Have you found better keyboards for video editing? Please share them here.

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