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3 Must See Alexa Enabled Headphones

There are already plenty of smart home products with Alexa. Headphones are also getting Alexa skills to make your life easier. Here are 3 headphones with voice commands you shouldn’t miss:

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Vinci 2: a standalone smart pair of workout headphones that requires no phone. Lets you make calls and send messages when you are away. It has voice recognition with bone conduction.

OV Headphones: offers Alexa on the go, so you can listen to Prime Music and take advantage of thousands of skills. The battery lasts over 8 hours of continuous calls. Siri and Google Assistant are supported too.

66 Audio Pro Voice: Bluetooth headphones with Amazon Alexa built-in. You can play music, order a pizza, and use many other Alexa skills. The MotionControl app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Have you found cooler Alexa headphones? Please share them here.

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