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5 Auto Face & Object Tracking Smartphone Mounts

Your smartphone is already capable of capturing great photos and videos. You don’t even need another person to keep you in the frame. These 5 auto face & object tracking smartphone mounts can handle job:

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Follow by Edgee: an auto tracking phone camera mount for TikTok, YouTube, and Zoom streams. It has a smart tracking camera to get the job done. With no WiFi & Bluetooth, you don’t  need to worry about remote hacking.

Capture Genie: serves as a robot cameraman for your iPhone with 360-degree rotation. The companion app can recognize human faces and other objects. It has a max spinning speed of 180 degrees per second.

Pivo Pod: a smartphone mount for interactive content creation. It is ready for streaming to multiple channels at once. It also gives you access to 12 special effects, including 360 timelapses and panoramas.

AI Selfie Gimbal: a 360-degree auto face tracking for iPhone 12 and older models. It has a camera to track your face. You can adjust its height and angle.

Apai Genie II: another iPhone stand with smart tracking that keeps you in the frame. This robot cameraman supports 360-degree horizontal rotation. You can change the angle 37 degree upwards and downwards.

Have you found better auto tracking smartphone gimbals? Please share them here.

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