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3 Automatic Tripods for Videos

You don’t always have someone to capture your videos when you are performing outdoors or want the camera to be on you at all times. The good news is there are robots and automatic tripods that can take care of that job for you. Here are 3 automatic tripods and heads that make that possible:

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SOLOSHOT Automatic Tracking Tripod: an automatic tripod that tracks you at distances up to 2000 feet. It pans as fast as 40 degrees per second. Its batteries last 5+ hours.

Polaroid Automatic Motorized Pan Head: automatically pans 120 degrees and tilts 30 degrees. You get a 20 feet remote sensor cord too. It is compatible with most cameras and camcorders.


Bescor MP101 Video Motorized Pan Head: you can select a 30, 60 or 90 degree movement. You get a detachable remote control unit too. Making speed adjustments is easy.

Have you found better automatic / motorized tripods? Please share them here.

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