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5 Quality Batteries for Canon T4i SLR

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a pricey camera only to realize its battery does not last you long enough on the road. The Canon T4i does have a decent battery inside. You may be able to get more shots with third-party batteries available for the camera. Here are 5 Canon T4i batteries you can pick up to take even more shots with your SLR:

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STK’s Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack: a 2000mAh for Canon EOS Rebel T3i and T4i. It is pretty affordable for what it offers.


Photive Original LP-E8 Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery: much cheaper than some of the other alternatives. These have no memory effect and are compatible with the Canon BG-E8 Battery grip.


Wasabi Power Battery Pack: you get the complete package here. These 1500 mAh batteries last you a while. You get a charger in this bundle too. We have had great results with Wasabi batteries in the past.


Anker 1120mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: these quick charge batteries are nice to have as a backup. They offer over-load and over-voltage protection and are fully compatible with your T4i and T3i cameras.


Photive Battery Grip: not a battery for your SLR per se but it does let you use 2 LP-E8 Batteries or 6 AA batteries to take 3000 shots per charge.

You could always get your batteries from Canon. There is nothing wrong with that. But for the most part, the above products are cheap batteries that serve great as a replacement for your camera’s original battery.

Have you tried third-party batteries for your Canon T4i in the past? Which brand did you like the most?

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