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5 Awesome Flexible, Bendable LED Video Lights

Flexible LED lights are becoming more popular among video makers and photographers these days. They are portable, light and can be used in areas regular lights may not be suitable for. Here are 5 flexible, bendable LED video lights you don’t want to miss:

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Dracast Yoga Bi-Color LED500 Flexible Panel: has 228 LEDs and variable color temperature of 3200-5600k. It comes 10-100% dimming control.

Falcon Eyes RX-18TD Light with Softbox: this 100W LED light has an adjustable color temperature of 3000-5600k. It has 504 LEDs to light up your subjects.

Ikan Canvas Bi-Color 2800K-6500K Bendable light: has a color temperature of 2800 to 6500k. It has a beam angle of 120 degrees without a soft box. You can control it from your iOS/Android device.

BrightCast V15-345P flexible light: a bi-color flexible LED light panel with a shockproof, rugged design. It has 256 bi-color LED chips with CRI > 96. The panel has a water resistance rating of IP67. It can be powered by an AC adapter or V-Mount battery.

Linkstar RX-11TD: has an adjustable color temperature of 3000 to 5600k. It is waterproof and comes with adhesive velcro. You also get a X-type support.

Have you found better flexible LED panels? Please share them here.

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