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3 Must See Overhead Video Lights

Plenty of video pros use overhead diffused video lights in their projects. Just like other types of lights, you don’t want to spend money on subpar products. Here are 3 quality overhead video lighting solutions you don’t want to miss:

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ALZO Drum Overhead Light: lets you add a bright soft overhead light to your studio. It collapses into a 14″ disk with a zippered jacket. Can work with 4 large CFL light bulbs.

Folding China Ball Softbox: lets you create a soft, diffused light that spreads out in all directions. It can be used with LED heads, speedlights, Tungsten lights, and a whole lot more.

Westcott Flex Drum Softbox: designed for 1 x 2′ and 1 x 3′ LED mat and offers 360-degree coverage. It has removable black light curtain and ships with mounting strap and carry case.

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