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3 Must See Tattoo Printers

Most of us prefer dealing with a professional tattoo artist for serious designs. There are tools and tattoo printers that can help you try out designs at home. Here are tattoo printers you don’t want to miss:

Prinker S: a temporary tattoo device that combines with your iOS/Android device to let you try over 5000 designs. It uses skin safe ink that lasts up to 2 days but you can wash it with soap. One black ink cartridge is enough for about 1000 tattoos.

LKT Thermal Printer: a tattoo thermal printer for professional artists. It doesn’t need an ink cartridge and works with various Windows versions. It has a resolution of 800-pixel by 154-pixel.

Toec Tattoo Transfer Device: a tattoo transfer machine with 4 simple buttons for control. It can print from any mobile device. It is ideal for A4 and B5 printing and thermal paper.

Have you found smarter tattoo devices? Please share them here.

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