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3 Blu-Ray Writers for Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a pretty awesome computer for the pros. Many video editors, designers, and professionals rely on it to get their work done. It is not a cheap machine by any means though. Sometimes, you can save money by getting a cheaper model and adding other features that you need to your Mac externally. Want to add a Blu-ray Writer to your Mac Pro? These 3 products have you covered:

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Seatech Aluminum External USB Blu-Ray Writer: designed for MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and iMac. It has an aluminum casing and a compact design. It is compatible with Windows machines too.


NuMac NMBDR6x Blu-Ray: designed for the new Mac Pro. It reads and writes Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. It is made from solid aluminum. Numac draws power from the built-in USB cable.


MCE 14X Blu-Ray Drive: this simple Blu-Ray writer is designed for Mac Pro and Power Mac devices. It can be used to create your own Blu-Ray movies. Toast 11 Pro is optional.

Many folks rely on cloud storage to save their files these days. But if you need to backup your files to Blu-Ray disks, the above Blu-Ray writers have you covered.

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