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3 Campfire Chargers for Smartphones

Many folks take their smartphones and other portable gadgets with them outdoors while hiking or camping. Getting stuck outdoors with no battery is not a lot of fun though. These 3 campfire chargers turn heat to energy to power your smartphone:

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PowerPot: lets you charge your devices while you cook.  It has a USB (5V) port, which means it will work with your devices. You also get a heavy-duty, flame-resistant wire.


BaseCamp: an off-grid cooking solution powered by woods. It has an integrated 2200 mAh battery to store energy for your gadgets.


FlameStower Charger: charges any small phone or gadget using a campfire or any other fire source. It charges your phone in about 2.5 hours.

What are your favorite smartphone chargers for camping? Please share them here.

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