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3 Cases to Enhance or Block Smartphone Signals

Getting a poor signal on your phone is not nice. In fact, it could make your life miserable when you need to take an important call. On the other hand, sometimes you simply don’t want to be contacted by anyone. A decent signal-blocking case can handle that. Here are 3 cases you can use to enhance or block signals to or from your smartphone:

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LINKASE Case: protects your phone but also boosts your phone’s signal. Its EMW element is replaceable.

off pocket

Off Pocket: a privacy accessory for mobile phones that blocks wireless signals to and from your phone. It blocks GPS, WiFi, and Cellular connections.


Thuraya SatSleeve: a cool case that turns your iPhone into a satellite smartphone. It is great for emergency situations.

These cases either enhance your signal or completely block it. Not everyone needs one but nice to have an option.

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