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3 Cassette to MP3 Converters

I don’t know about you but I still have my old cassette tapes even though I barely play them. Converting them to digital music files is pretty easy these days. Here are 3 cassette tape to MP3 converters you don’t want to miss:

DIGITNOW Cassette / Vinyl to MP3 converter: an audio grabber with 3.5mm and R/L audio input and USB capture. It supports PC and Mac computers.

Super USB Cassette Capture: a portable USB tape player that converts your music into MP3 files to play on your iPhone and other devices. It runs on battery or USB power.

ION Audio TAPE 2 PC: a dual cassette deck that lets you convert your favorite tapes to MP3, with theΒ EZTC2 software. The front-panel display shows audio meters to show the record and dubbing status.

Have you found better cassette to MP3 converters? Please share them here.

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