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5 Cool Charger Cables and Adapters for iPhone & iPad

Your iPhone and iPad already ship with an adapter and USB cable. Some of us have more than just iPhones and iPads in our homes though. Having to carry multiple cables with you when you are on the go is not convenient. Here are 5 sync / charge cables you might want to take with you during your next trip:


Innergie Magic Cable 3-in-1 Cable: comes with Micro USB, Mini USB and 30-pin connectors. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and other smartphones.

charge tool

USB Utility Charge Tool: an elegant USB Swiss Army Knife for your gadgets. It features micro USB, mini USB, and iPhone plugs.

3 in 1

iPhone 3-in-1 USB Data Sync & Charger: a retractable cable that charges your iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It has 30pin + 8pin Lightning + microUSB.


USB Charge Booster: allows you to charge your iPad and iPhone faster when using your laptop’s USB port as the power source.


Duo2Go: not only syncs and charges your phone but also has a SD card reader so you can transfer your images easier.

With these cables at your disposal, you get to carry less with you as you travel. They are not too expensive either.

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