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3 Must See Circular Sliders for Cameras & Camcorders

Plenty of filmmakers have been using sliders for timelapses and smooth sliding shots. With a bit of creativity or motorized pan/tilt head, you can capture circular slides too. These 3 motorized circular sliders can make it even easier:

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SHOOTVILLA Curve-180°: a motorized curve slider for your favorite camera. It has a CNC aluminum slider and precise controller. It has payload capacity of 12kg.

Curve-N-Line Camera Slider: a 2-in-1 slider that lets you capture smooth curved shots. It has load capacity of 27kg. This dual track slider has easily adjustable legs.

Neewer 67-Inch Camera Slider: another 180-degree slider with max load capacity of 11lbs. It is ready for focus and panoramic shots. It has 4 pairs of independently adjustable feet. It has 11 load capacity.

Have you found better circular motorized sliders? Please share them here.

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