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5 Clever Power Strips You Shouldn’t Miss

We have all used power strips at home or in our office to power our favorite electronics. Not all of them are made the same though. Here are 5 power strips that are designed to make your life a whole lot easier:

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OneAdaptr Stack 6 Surge Protector: it comes with detachable & interchangeable US AC outlets. It comes with a built-in power switch, surge protection, and over-current circuit breaker to protect your devices.

Mogics Bagel: a travel power strip with 4 universal sockets, 2 USB ports, and a US AC socket. It is compact enough for you to easily take anywhere.

GLCON Surge Protector Tower: this power strip tower has 4 USB ports, 10 outlets, and a fast wireless charger on top. It has a fireproof shell and overload protection.

Kungfuking Pop Up Outlet with Surge Protection: another power strip and wireless charger that comes with 4 plugs, 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 RJ45 port for your office. Lets you charge your phone without removing the case.

Slidewire: an extension cord with sliding power strips that brings power outlets just where you need them.

Have you found cooler power strips? Please share them here.

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