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3 Cool Carbon Monoxide Detectors for iPhone & Android

Carbon Monoxide is a very dangerous gas. You can’t smell or see it. But it could take your life if you are exposed to it for too long. That’s the reason many folks have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. These 3 Carbon Monoxide detectors for iPhone allow you to detect danger before it is too late:

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Nest Build: an innovative carbon monoxide detector that gives you heads-up and speaks with a human voice. It can be turned off with the wave of a hand. It monitors its batteries and sensors and lets you know if there are issues.


Birdi: a smart smoke detector that measures breathing air quality and alerts you when there is exposure to carbon monoxide. Alerts are sent to your phone. The developers are going to support Android and Blackberry too.

smoke detector

Sense+: a smart dock and an app to help keep you safe. It detects smoke and carbon monoxide. The alarm goes off when the device detects smoke. If you don’t answer, the dock will call your loved ones for you.

Which one of these smartphone carbon monoxide detectors do you like the most?

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