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3 Cool Hum Eliminators / Destroyers for Your Microphone

Have you ever had hum and ground loop noises to deal with in your audio studio? It is frustrating to deal with especially if you have spent a considerable amount of money to get your microphone and other audio equipment. You could always find the source of the issue and remove it from your studio. Using one of these hum eliminators could also help improve the quality of your recordings:

Behringer HD400 2-Channel Hum Destroyer
: a simple hum destroyer that improves the quality of your recordings quickly. It removes AC hum and noise. This converts unbalanced to balanced signals without any signal loss.

Ebtech Hum Eliminator
: this hum eliminator uses 1:1 isolation transformers to break loop antenna and balance audio lines. Also converts balanced and unbalanced signals.

ART DTI Hum Eliminator
: reduces hum and ground loop noise while offering a flat and wide frequency response. It handles high signal levels too.

These hum destroyers can’t do miracles. But if you are having hum issues in your recording studio, they may help.

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