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3 Must See Cup Warmers & Coolers

Have you ever poured yourself a warm or cold drink but wished it stayed at the right temperature on your desk as you work or do other things? The good news is you can always invest in a mug warmer and cooler to get the job done. Here are 3 desktop cup coolers and warmers you don’t want to miss:

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Nomodo Trio: keeps your soda or coffee at the right temperature on your desk. It also wirelessly charges your smartphone.

Paltier 2-in-1 Cup Warmer Cooler: its heating mode allows your hot drinks to stay around 55 degrees. In cooling mode, your drink stays around 8-12C.

Electric Car Cup Holder with Auto Cooling / Heating: this 36W cup holder keeps your drink at the right temperature in your car. It can cool it down to 4C or heat it up to 70C.

Have you found better drink coolers / warmers? Please share them here.

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