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5 Essential Accessories for Lytro Camera

The Lytro camera is pretty special. It is the first light-field camera that lets you shoot first and focus later. The camera may not look impressive on surface but is capable of capturing amazing shots. If you have picked on a Lytro, you should consider getting these accessories too:

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lytro adapter

Lytro Tripod Adapter
: lets you attach your camera to a tripod for more steady shots.

lytro case

Lytro Camera Case: a simple case that protects your Lytro camera and has space for its accessories.

lytro car adapter

Lytro Wall and Car Charger: pretty self-explanatory. Enables you to keep your Lytro charged wherever you are.

lytro adapter

Lytro Fast Charger: a fast charger with 2000 mA of juice for your camera. It also has a 3′ cable.

sync cable

USB Charge and Data Sync cable for Lytro
: charges and handles data connections. It is a nice replacement if you have lost your original cable.

The Lytro camera is not for everyone. At the same time, it is capable of capturing amazing shots. If you can afford the price tag, you may want to pick the above accessories to get the most out of your Lytro.

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