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2 Essential Accessories for Pebble Watch

The Pebble Watch is an exciting e-paper watch for Android and iPhone. For $150, you can get a wrist watch that can be customized with apps easily. You can use it for cycling, running, listening to music, and other activities. In order to protect your Pebble Watch, you may need one of these accessories:

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Skinomi TechSkin – Pebble Smartwatch: this is a screen protector compatible with your watch. It is a tough film and remains invisible as you wear your watch.

pebble watch skin

Skinomi TechSkin Pebble Watch Body Skin: a shield and body protector for your watch. It offers UV protection too. This skin keeps your watch looking like new for longer.

We are going to see more Pebble Watch accessories as this product reaches more homes. In the meantime, you can use the above products to keep your watch looking like new.

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