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Read & Exercise: 3 Exercise Machine Desks

Adopting a more active lifestyle is the best way to keep your weight under control and stay healthy. You don’t need to run a few miles each day to burn calories. Spending a few minutes on your exercise machine while doing work also burns calories. Here are 3 exercise machine desks you can rely on to read, work, and exercise at the same time:

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WalkTop Treadmill Desk: attaches directly onto most treadmills, allowing you to adjust its height and incline. It has an anodized aluminum and steel frame.


FitDesk Pro: a desk for your exercise bike which allows you to get a good workout and avoid getting bored. It mounts to most tubular handlebars with straight mid section.


Exercise Mount for Tablets: a simple tool that you can put on your exercise equipment to hold your tablet, so you can exercise and read at the same time. It is pretty cheap too!

Have you found better exercise machine desks? Please share them here.

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