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Getting Started with Ouya: Ouya and Accessories

The Ouya system has been getting a lot of attention in the media in the past few months. It is a compact gaming system that has captured the imagination of many gamers. The device has not even shipped yet but many folks are excited about it. We do expect the developers behind Ouya to make more accessories available for it (e.g. case, skins, and bags). Here is how you can get started with Ouya right now:


Ouya Console: the kit includes a console, Bluetooth controller, power adapter, and 2 AA batteries. You also get a HDMI cable.


Ouya Controller: we may see other controllers that will work with the Ouya system. But you could always pick up the official Ouya controller to get started.

It is still early in the game but the Ouya system does have potential. Watch this space as we cover more Ouya accessories here in the future.

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