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3 GPS Equipped Rearview Mirrors for Your Car

Many of us rely on our smartphone and other personal navigation devices to find our way around. If you are tired of having to mount your phone to your dashboard every time and simply want directions on your rearview mirror, you should give these 3 GPS equipped mirrors a look:

MN312R GPS Rearview Mirror: has a 3.5″ navigation system and provides you with turn-by-turn directions. It also has a built-in backup monitor and Bluetooth speakerphone.

Boyo VTW43M: a rear view mirror monitor with WiFi Miracast. Works with your favorite iOS and Android devices.

Android Enabled Rearview Mirror: it has a 10″ touchscreen display and runs Android 5.1. Its car DVR has two cameras to record from 2 different angles. It also has Bluetooth built-in.

Stay tuned as we will cover more GPS accessories for drivers here in the future.

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