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5 Awesome Hand Straps for iPad

Many of us spend a lot of time with our iPads. Holding your iPad with two hands is not always possible or convenient. These 5 iPad hand straps let you use your device with one hand:

new trent

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New Trent Arcadia Grabbit Case: not only a decent case but also has a hand strap you can use to hold your iPad with one hand.


Hand-e-holder: a hand holder for iPads and e-readers. It allows 360-degree rotation of your tablet. It works for children and adults.


LapWorks Handler iPad Strap & Desk Mount
: this is a hand-held iPad holder and desk mount. It offers 360 degree viewing too.


Padlette: this is a lightweight and flexible holder for iPad 2 and other similar sized tablets. It goes on and comes off easily which is a plus.


KHOMO Smart Leather Case: an elastic hand strap that makes it easier to hold and use your tablet with one hand while keeping it protected. It offers multiple viewing angles too.

These iPad holders are not too expensive and let you use your tablet with one hand. They could come handy in certain situations.

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