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How to Clean Your Keyboards: 3 Awesome Keyboard Cleaners

Cleaning your keyboard can be time consuming. You may think your keyboard is clean but you’d be surprised how much mess you can find inside it. Some people use canned air to handle keyboard mess. These 3 keyboard cleaners can also help:

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Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac Electric Duster
: why pay for canned air when you can use this tool to clean your keyboard, computer, and everything else. It is powerful and simply gets the job done.

dust cleaning

Keyboard Cyber Dust Cleaning Compound
: a re-useable cleaning compound to get rid of dirt and germs on keyboards, mobile devices, and telephones. Does not leave residue and keeps your hands clean.


ZOpid Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: a slim and compact desktop vacuum cleaner with nozzle design ideal for cleaning computer keyboards, card readers, other computer-related areas. It gets rid of food-crumbs easily.

These keyboard cleaners are fairly affordable and make getting rid of dust, food crumbs, and germs on your keyboard a lot easier. Why waste time on this when you don’t have to?

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