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2 Impact Sensors for Sports

Whether you play sports for fun or competitively, you want to make sure to protect your head. Concussions and head impact can have long lasting effects on your health. You don’t want to keep going after a bad hit. But figuring out when to stop playing is not always easy. These 2 head impact sensors can help with that:

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Shockbox Hockey Helmet Sensor: a wireless impact sensor that sends you alerts on your smartphone when a hit is too hard. It has a 100 hour battery life and fits on most hockey helmets.


Reebok Checklight Sports Activity Impact Indicator: another tool that identifies impacts to your head and helps you stay safe. The device can indicate the moderate and severe impacts. When a yellow or red light blinks, you know it is time to get out of the game.

Keeping athletes out of trouble after huge hits is imperative. The above tools help people who play hockey to stay out of trouble.

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