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5 Awesome Pillows for iPad & Tablets

iPads are pretty awesome devices to use to entertain yourself, read, relax, and put yourself to sleep. You certainly should consider picking up a case and stand to use your tablet more conveniently. These 5 iPad pillows could also help:

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Levenger Canvas Pyramid Pillow: holds your tablet but has several pockets for your pens, notepads, phones, remote, and other belongings.


GOGO Pillow
: makes you more comfortable as you use your tablet. Holds your tablet but can be used as a travel pillow.


Goron Tablet Cushion: a tablet cushion for gamers and people who intend to use their tablet in bed for a very long time. It has an adjustable frame and keeps you comfortable as you use your device.

Power Pillow: a pillow with batteries to charge your tablets and smartphones. This is especially helpful if you don’t have an electrical outlet within reach in your room.


HoodiePillow Brand Pillowcase: designed for smartphones, you could technically use this for tablets. It offers tangle-free listening experience and has a pocket for your phone.

Which one of these tablet pillows do you like the most?

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