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4 iPhone 6s Plus Underwater Cases

The iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6s Plus are wonderful smartphones with lots of power. They are not designed to be taken underwater without a case though. These 4 underwater cases for iPhone 6 Plus keep your smartphone safe from water damage:

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Watershot Pro Underwater Housing

Watershot Pro: an underwater iPhone 6 Plus housing with an ergonomic hand grip, an interchangeable lens port mount, and conductive buttons. It is ideal for underwater photo and video.


MEIKON Submersible Housing for iPhone 6 Plus: it lets you take your phone to 40 meters underwater. It is designed for diving, skiing, and snorkeling.


Submersible Diving iPhone 6 Plus Case: this case is made from polycarbonate, glass, and stainless steel. It is waterproof to 40 meters.


Aquapac Waterproof Case: a simple case that keeps your phone protected from dust, dirt, sand, and water. It is submersible to 30′ for up to 30 minutes.

Have you found better waterproof iPhone 6 Plus cases? Please share them here.

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