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Use Your iPhone In the Bathroom: 3 Accessories

There are millions of people carrying an iPhone these days. Some of those folks are simply addicted to their phone, taking it everywhere they go. If you plan to use your iPhone in your bathtub or while taking a shower, these 3 bathroom accessories can help:

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Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder: lets you take your phone into the bath without having to hold it with your hands. It has a waterproof case and a pillow to keep your head comfortable.


AquaAudio Cubo: a waterproof wireless speaker with a strong suction cup for bathrooms and pools. It connects to your Bluetooth devices and offers Siri compatibility. It has a microphone to serve as a hands-free speakerphone.

HOYO: this is a 100% water- and dust-proof smart pocket for your phone. You can hang HOYO on your shower curtain and use your device when it is inside.

What are your favorite bathroom accessories for iPhone? Please share them here.

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