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5 iPhone Cases for Emergencies

The iPhone is already a powerful device. It can more than get you unstuck in emergency situations. These 5 iPhone cases allow you to be better prepared for tough situations in the outdoors:


SnowLizard SLXtreme Case
: a waterproof and tough iPhone case with an integrated battery extender. The solar panel in the back can get you out of trouble when your phone’s battery is dying.

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yellow jacket

Yellow Jacket Case: a stun gun case for the iPhone. It is available for iPhone 5s and 4s. It buys you time when you are attacked.


Lifesaver Case: this case lets you ask for help when attacked. Just slide and push the safety switch to ask for help discreetly. Your GPS, video/audio recording, and other vital information are sent and a unit is dispatched to your location.

iphone 5s case

TaskOne iPhone 5s case: it has 22 tools in addition to kickstands, so you can get things done outdoors. This case is available in 3 colors.

SatSleeve: turns your iPhone into a satellite phone. It is developed by Thuraya Telecommunications Company and lets you make phone calls over its network.

These cases can get you out of trouble during emergencies. Which one are you impressed with the most?

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