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4 Cool Keyboard Covers for MacBooks

MacBooks are great laptops. They are not cheap but will last you a while if you take good care of them. You should not only get a good case for your laptop but also protect its keyboard, screen, and other parts. These 4 MacBook keyboard covers help you keep your laptop’s keys looking new for longer:


UPPERCASE Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover: works for 13 and 15 inch MacBooks. Protects your keyboard against spills and contaminates. Does not obstruct keyboard backlight.


Silicone Keyboard Cover for MacBooks: a cheap solution to protect your keys. Simple does what it promises.

photoshop skins

Keyboard Shortcut Skins: these are special skins that make you more productive when using your keyboard to operate apps such as Photoshop. Multiple app shortcut skins are included.


Kuzy Blue Keyboard Silicone Cover: designed to protect your keyboard against dust spills and key wear. It is flexible and washable. These are available in multiple colors.

There are plenty of other keyboard covers available for you to use to protect your MacBook keys. The above keyboard covers do the job well though.

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