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4 Kodak SP360 Accessories

The Kodak SP360 is one of many cameras you can rely on to capture 360 degree videos. It has a 16MP advanced MOS sensor and a shockproof design. Thanks to these Kodak SP360 accessories, you can put your camera to better use:

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SP360 Waterproof Housing: lets you capture photo and video underwater. It is waterproof up to 30 meters.


SP360 Bar Mount: lets you mount your 360-degree camera to your bicycle handlebars.


Wasabi Power Battery: a spare battery for your Kodak SP360. This 1400mAh battery is rated at 3.6v.


Self Shooting Pole for Kodak Cameras: this is a selfie stick that lets you capture the world around you with your SP360.

Stay tuned as we will cover more SP360 accessories here in the future.

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