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3 40+ USB Charging Stations

So you have too many USB devices that need to be charged regularly at home or in your place of business? Here are 3 USB charging stations with 40 or more ports to charge all your favorite handheld devices:

G-daimler 40-port USB Charging Station: has an output of 300w. It comes with short-circuit, electric leakage, overheating, and over-voltage protection.

40-Port USB Charging Station: can charge 40 devices. It has 3 chips to identify and match the current for different phones. It also has a fan to prevent overheating.

Chicheng 60-Port Wall Charger: can charge all your iPhones, iPads, and other comparable smartphones and tablets. It comes with many safety protections.

Which one of these have you tried? Please share your experience here.

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