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3 Cool Lighted Cases for Amazon Kindles

Amazon has been making e-readers and tablets for quite some time. Before releasing the Kindle Fire, Amazon was reaching new homes with its E-ink Kindle devices. These are still around but you will need a light to use them in dark rooms (unless you have a Kindle Paperwhite). These 3 lighted Kindle cases allow you to use your Kindle without needing an additional light source.

kindle lighted case

Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover
: a Lighted cover for your Kindle. It has a built-in LED reading light and draws power from your Kindle. Requires no batteries.


Acase Lighted Leather Case for Kindle 4
: designed for the Kindle 4, this case holds your device and has a built-in reading light. The case keeps scratches away too.


Zing Lighted Leather Cover Case for Kindle Touch: a lightweight case with a double LED light for your Kindle Touch. The light recharges using any micro-USB cable.

You could also buy a separate reading light for your Kindle. The choice is yours. But these lighted cases are more convenient solutions to use.

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